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This work was born in a period of reflection on the exodus of migrants across the Mediterranean.It represents a moment of intense pain of a human being held in a grin; perhaps, in the moment before the "explosion".His face shows blue streams representative of the sea and a tear (made of resin), the ..
Ex Tax:€6,000.00
This work is essentially the mental action of searching for the hidden unconscious and the materialization of the concept itself, examined both from a social and a personal point of view. With the smock and the tools, every man, digging the inner dimension, becomes the analyst doctor of himself, ask..
Ex Tax:€18,000.00
The wall represents the idea of contrast. The torus counteracts the instability of the wall elements by determining a balance between two forces...
Ex Tax:€2,000.00
This sculpture represents the first meeting between two human beings.Technique: Bardiglio di Carrara marble sculpture.Dimensions:1) Height 20cm, Width 17cm, Depth 30cm.2) Height 20cm, Width 18cm, Depth 26cm.Year of construction: 2020...
Ex Tax:€6,000.00
The narration of this sculpture investigates Christ in his earthly and human form, while not losing sight of the intrinsic Christian missionary significance. The body of Jesus, which emanates a sweet smell of incense from the cypress from which it was carved, rises, in the act of resurrection, from ..
Ex Tax:€30,000.00
The traces left in the marble are those due to the morphological action of the earth. They are mixed with the signs and cuts impressed by man, the holes and cavities that he has created in the stone. It is in these holes and cavities that he looks for the red thread that will lead him to discover th..
Ex Tax:€1,845.00
Aphrodite, the goddess of love is described with an uncommon beauty, since everyone can have feelings, but love is a rare event. In her hair, like that of horsehair that runs free, the artist frames the force of feminine seduction, with which she lets the goddess squeeze her very long hair, as she e..
Ex Tax:€2,500.00
The sculpture represents a hand set inside a trunk that tends upwards.Technique: Lebanese cedar wood sculpture.Year of construction: 2020...
Ex Tax:€700.00
In the work "Balance one" the metaphysical / surreal imagination of Ciro Palumbo takes life from the canvas and turns into concrete and three-dimensional object. A floating house, free to move support the world.Technique: bronze fusion.Year of implementation: 2011.Print of the subject: 8 specimens +..
Ex Tax:€6,000.00
A couple of lovers in minimal art style and with parallelism of interlocking waves, where the convex fills the concave, they are like in a sweet dance of love, like the other part of the half apple, like attractive magnetic waves. The rest is left to free interpretation.Technique: Various tools on f..
Ex Tax:€300.00
While you are asleep and start dreaming a shape appears to you. First blurry, then increasingly clearer and then fade and reappear. Her wings spread out as if to embrace you. The impulse to touch her is strong, to join her and let yourself go immersed in a magnificent "blue dream".Technique: various..
Ex Tax:€3,900.00
The door is made up of a joint in the painted architrave to signify the first moment of cosmic life: the Big Bang...
Ex Tax:€1,500.00
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