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*Whitney Houston

*Whitney Houston

*Whitney Houston

Expression and communication through a simple work, but rich in meaning.

The cassette is original by Whitney Houston. I wanted to make the portrait of her music from the cassette, a tribute to a great musician.

Technique: acrylic and cassette on canvas.

Year of construction: 2021.

Support: frame.

Light source - Ex.: Monochromatic, Two-color Monochromatic
Support - Ex.: Frame, Pedestal Frame
Genere - Es.: Fantasy, Still life, Religious, Landscape Musical
Subject represented - Ex.: Horses, Fruit, Cats Personage
Technique used - Ex.: Oil on canvas, Pencil on paper Acrylic and cassette on canvas.
Style dell'opera - Ex.: Surrealism, Cubism, Abstractionism Pop art
Artist data
Artist experience - Ex.: Emerging, Expert Expert

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  • Dimensions: 33misura x 0misura x 43misura


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Salvatore Zizzi
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Salvatore Zizzi vive e lavora a Nuoro. Partecipa attivamente alla vita artistico-culturale dell'isola. Ha allestito dal 1985 innumerevoli personali in sardegna e nella penisola ha partecipato a 2 concorsi di pittura (1° e 2° premio)  ha esposto nel 2014 al Museo di Arte Moderna MAN di Nuoro.


Salvatore Zizzi lives and works in Nuoro. He actively participates in the artistic and cultural life of the island. Since 1985 he has set up countless personal exhibitions in Sardinia and in the peninsula he has participated in 2 painting competitions (1st and 2nd prize) and exhibited in 2014 at the MAN Museum of Modern Art in Nuoro.

Nuoro collective 1980 - Cagliari collective exhibition 1981 - Sassari collective exhibition 1983 - Pisa collective exhibition 1984 - Nuoro collective exhibition 1985, 1987, 1990, 1995, 1998, 2000.

Nuoro personal exhibition 1985,1990, 2016, 2017 -2014nuoro man modern art museum - cagliari 1998 - 2000, 2015 - sassari 1999 - 2016 - alghero 2001 - porto cervo 2010,202012, rome 2017, orler padova 2018- s. martino di castrozza 2019.

Nature has generated artists because she is vain, and as such she feels the intimate need to rediscover herself in song, in words, in the sign, in the colors and in the masses of wood and stone. This is why the artist celebrates the universe and his land and recognizes himself in them, tells their story, interprets their image! Salvatore Zizzi feels from an early age the impulse to entrust colors with the task of reviving dreams , to tell reality through the sign

After various experiences and chromatic researches, if on the one hand they highlight his scholastic influence, on the other they refine his pictorial technique. Researches that allow the artist to give a geometrized representation of the form, aimed at making the sensation luminous through a clear decomposition of the light, a result obtained through a meticulous elaboration of the picture, as reflected in the constant celebration of still lifes.

For the observer it becomes stimulating and pleasant to make references and recognize stylistic or thematic matrices and settings, without detracting from the pleasure of reading and discovering the rich chromatism in the clear almost surreal light.

In fact, in the singular union between abstraction and reality, in addition to the cultural fact of overcoming the sensitive and realistic data, one can see the tendency to collect the harmonious collection of objects, flowers and fruit in dream fantasy, of imaginative ideal construction. The ability to create such suggestive atmospheres, the remarkable coloristic ability, the overall vision and the curiosity of the particular capture the interest and participation of the beholder, above mediations and analysis.

Also in these cases the attention to detail, the punctual reconstruction, have the property of recreating atmospheres and desire for dreams, almost perpetuating a lived experience made of simple things, not disturbed by nightmares, by complicated anguish.

Admiring these works can mark a moment of time that has stopped, a moment of pleasure for the spirit! .......... (Francesco Satta)

… ..... The classical world continues to be a source of inspiration and a model of artistic making, a classicism that is composure and at the same time a sense of decoration as an ornamental fact, as an expressive order. His painting recalls this way and these ways. The figurative that these oils represent, arranges within the finiteness of the picture, all the signs of a past expressive experience consigned to the memory of painting, in which neither the anarchy of color nor areas of shade exist in their own right. Admiring these works of refined classicism, one senses that Salvatore Zizzi's world is a new world, of a particular and unique kind, to challenge a delicate modernity over time ......... (Natalino Piras)

The artist performs works on commission.

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