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I created this work with passion, playing with oil to capture the essence of expressionism. The bright colors represent the duality of human emotions, passionately illuminating any space. With bold strokes and strong contrasts, the painting vibrates with energy and invites us to reflect on the complexity of the soul. Bringing it into your home means embracing a fusion of warmth and intensity, adding a touch of boldness to your daily existence.

Technique: oil on canvas

Light source - Ex.: Monochromatic, Two-color Polychromatic
Genere - Es.: Fantasy, Still life, Religious, Landscape Naked
Subject represented - Ex.: Horses, Fruit, Cats Woman
Technique used - Ex.: Oil on canvas, Pencil on paper Oil on canvas
Style dell'opera - Ex.: Surrealism, Cubism, Abstractionism Neoexpressionism
Artist data
Artist experience - Ex.: Emerging, Expert Expert

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  • Dimensions: 100misura x 0misura x 60misura
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Enzo Martano
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Premio Intenazionale Raffaello Sanzio Roma

Premio Internazionale Michelangelo Buonarroti Lucca

Premio Luxembourg Art Prize Lussemburgo

Premio Internazionale Art Key prize Salerno

Enzo Martano nasce a Calimera in provincia di lecce nel 1965. Il suo percorso artistico inizia da autodidatta nel 1991,

con le prime realizzazioni di opere ispirate ai bellissimi paesaggi locali dove il fascino della

natura salentina immersa tra mare e ulivi secolari, guidano i primi passi della sua arte. Enzo

per qualche anno per motivi lavorativi mette da parte la sua passione artistica per poi

riprendere i suoi lavori piu motivato di prima con una rielaborazione del tutto nuova di colori,

forme e tecniche. Enzo inizia quindi un nuovo percorso artistico e tanti nuovi lavori. Tra questi,

le figure umane, spesso di natura etnica, ricorrono il suo repertorio. Figure che emozionano e

che suscitano sentimenti forti, come i drammi e le loro storie di vita. Ma i fatti dimostrano che

i paesaggi sono il suo forte, tanto e’ vero che non mancano le richieste ad acquistare sue

opere sia in Italia che all’ estero da paesi come Francia, Danimarca,Germania e Giappone


International award Raffaello Sanzio, Roma

International Prize Michelangelo Buonarroti, Lucca

Luxembourg Art Prize, Luxembourg

International Art Key prize, Salerno

Calimera in the province of Lecce in 1965. His artistic career began as a self-taught in 1991,
with the first creations of works inspired by the beautiful local landscapes where the charm of
Salento nature surrounded by sea and centuries-old olive trees, guide the first steps of his art. Enzo
for a few years, for work reasons, he put aside his artistic passion and then
resume his works more motivated than before with a completely new reworking of colors,
forms and techniques. Enzo then begins a new artistic journey and many new works. Between these,
human figures, often of an ethnic nature, recur in his repertoire. Figures that excite and
that arouse strong feelings, such as dramas and their life stories. But the facts show that
landscapes are his forte, so much so that there is no shortage of requests to buy his
works both in Italy and abroad from countries such as France, Denmark, Germany and Japan
International Prize Raffaello Sanzio Rome

2020 "Città invisibili" presso Galleria On Art Firenze

2020 "Premio Rivalta" sul Mincio arte Mantova

2021 "Trofeo Citta’ di Lecce", Lecce

2021 "My town" Gravina di Puglia BA

2021 presso Galleria Internazionale Area Contesa Via Margutta, Roma

2021 Rassegna d’Arte "Woman" presso Galleria Casa Cava Matera

2022 Mostra Concorso Internazionale Giacomo Balla Galleria Area Contesa Roma

2022 Mostra Trofeo Citta’ di Lecce

2022 Esposizione presso art3f International art fair di Marsiglia (Francia)

2022 Esposizione carrousel du Louvre Parigi per la biennale d’Europa

2022 IV Biennale di Barcellona presso MEAM

2022 Biennale dell’Irpinia presso MU.CA.M palazzo Capone Montella Av

2022 esposizione Premio Artisti Italiani a Londra presso Espacio Gallery Londra

2023 "Salento di Mezzo" a Martano LE

2023 "Premio Byron" Citta di Terni

2023 "Premio Arte è Donna" Città di Terni Museo Diocesano - 3° classificato

2023 "Salento di mezzo" - Martano, Lecce

2023 "Premio città di Vienna" c/o Galleria Steiner, Vienna

2023 "Biennale di San Remo" c/o Teatro Ariston, Imperia

2020 c/o Centro Accademico Maison d'art Padova

2023 "Visioni" - Palazzo comunale, Calimera (LE)

2023 "Mediterranea" c/o Castello Acquaviva, Nardò (LE)

A beautiful face stands out on a canvas with evident feeling and passion, through

attentive and severe features and with a determined and proud gaze. The artist Enzo Martano wanted

to render an important and pleasant cross-section of a very young and stupendous figure,

outlining her lightness through a background of sparkling and fresh colour

Mario Salvo

The artist Enzo Martano paints the poetry of the soul, as if with his quick gesture like this

poetic and so sensitively calibrated and shrewd, it gave precisely that breath, anemos, alla

painting of him.

In his landscapes the poetry and colors of his land are noticeably tangent: Puglia; expanding

the realistic color with colors transcended by his personal feeling, enhancing contrasts of light

and shadows thus giving liveliness and harmony. It is as if in his painting there is a

continuous flow that through his gesture flows into a dance of becoming where they are triggered

passages of time, the very becoming of a sky and of the light it gives to the surrounding area.

I believe that an artist is distinguished by his particular estrangement from real facts, reality is a

starting point, and Enzo thanks to his sensitivity manages to transform and transcend it into

works by him that are the memory and feeling of personal observation of him, transporting us into

a visionary and tangible world at the same time, showing the sensation that a

landscape if looked at with the eyes of the soul. In the figure works, Enzo Martano praises the

female subject: a woman caught in her intimacy and in her delicate elegance, looking for

sometimes to extrapolate her figures from the social and globalized conventions of our society.

With extreme synthesis she perfectly captures their uniqueness, through the colors and the gesture she makes

she lives the figures themselves. They are earthly women sublimated by the poetry of the artist who knows how to grasp

every more introspective aspect and digging deep manages to give them light.

Romina Sangiovanni

In the airy landscapes with a pearly gray sky, the fresh pictorial touch frees an immediate

impressionist gestures with a refined chromatism with the precious values of variegated greens

of nature dissolving in luminosity into a spiritual unity, while the enchanted vision

appears immersed in a silent calm that gives the landscape an unmistakable stamp

poetic in the suspension of time, leaving room for the imagination in a realism

magical in the dream for a new art language

Dr. Carla d'Aquino Mineo

Carla D'Aquino Mineo

One cannot observe any work of art without stating that a good artist must

possess a good personality, strong spiritual power and valid professionalism

in the creative act, observing a work by ENZO MARTANO you see all of this.

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