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Old wooden bridge in the middle of Nature. The mist and black and white accentuate the mystery of the route.

Technique: acrylic on canvas.

Year of construction: 2021.

Light source - Ex.: Monochromatic, Two-color Monochromatic
Genere - Es.: Fantasy, Still life, Religious, Landscape Landscaped
Subject represented - Ex.: Horses, Fruit, Cats Bridge between trees
Technique used - Ex.: Oil on canvas, Pencil on paper Acrylic on canvas
Style dell'opera - Ex.: Surrealism, Cubism, Abstractionism Twentieth century impressionism
Artist data
Artist experience - Ex.: Emerging, Expert Expert

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  • Dimensions: 60misura x 0misura x 100misura


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Andrea Ciotti
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Ha appreso i primi rudimenti dell’arte pittorica con Annamaria Veccia per poi passare successivamente al corso di Riccardo Antonelli.

Approfondisce lo studio del ritratto con i corsi di OndaCreativa a Padova.

Vincitore di vari premi e menzioni speciali ha esposto su tutto il territorio nazionale sia in occasione di mostre collettive che personali.

2017 - “Fighille Arte 2017” - Fighille, PG

2017 - “Contemporanea” - Città di Castello, PG

2017 - “Ready or Not” - Arezzo

2017 - "Tobacco and Tobacco" - San Giustino, PG

2017 - "Collective of Various Art 2017" - Sansepolcro, AR

2017 - "Poesipiture" - Città di Castello, PG

2018 - “Water and Fire” - Città di Castello, PG

2018 - "Fighille Arte 2018 - Fighille, PG (with Special Mention of the Critics)

2018 - "Collective of Various Art 2018" - Sansepolcro, AR

2018/2019 - “Santucce Storm Festival” - Castiglion Fiorentino, AR

2019 - "Biennial of Contemporary Art Ciao Umbria" - Città di Castello, PG (with Special Critics Award)

2019 - "Image Festival" 2019 - Martina Franca, TA

2019 - Fighille Arte 2019 (winner "Pennello d'Oro") PG

2017 - "Landscapes" at the restaurant "Da Grigino" - Sansepolcro, AR

2018 - “Personal exhibition” at the Novamusica Music School - Sansepolcro, AR

2018 - "Colori" at "La Piazza" pizza bar - Sansepolcro, AR

2019 - “Monochrome” at K Cafè Sansepolcro, AR

2019 - “Monochronic” at Palazzo Pretorio - Sansepolcro, AR

2020 - “Paesologia” at The Daily Taste - Sansepolcro, AR

2020 - "Mother nature's son" - Falterona restaurant - Stia, AR

2020 - "The sea seen from the moon" at the S. Croce museum and at Palazzo Pretorio - Umbertide / Sansepolcro

2021 - "Monochrono" at the ArteArte gallery - Ostiglia, MN

2021 "PerformArt" at Sector 20 - Castiglion Fiorentino AR 

"Ciotti's music and painting are now one, the harmony, the rhythm, the vibration of the music take concrete form in the painting, between the two arts there is a deep bond, the part of the music that is in the rhythm, corresponds to the geometry of the painting, the harmony of the notes, to the range of colors. The time of painting is for Ciotti the time of music, an absolute, monochronous time, being here and now, the state of immanence of human existence. Nature is the place of primordial visions and music, where the sound of silence, the vibrations of the wind, the roar of a stream, the stormy sea, the quiet of the plains, are rhythms, accents, melodies, pauses, which are made score of a polychromatic symphony, dream, painting, imagination. Ciotti's painting, material, played on contrasts of vibrant colors, sometimes unreal, transports us to the melodies of Creation through surreal but always sublime visions "


Valentina Marongiu, ArteArte gallery,


"... Then I will say that we are faced with a creative who expresses himself with spontaneous joy and with ancestral instinct, putting on canvas thoughts, reasoning and emotions that populate his tumultuous soul and his surreal imagery." Exposed surreal and fairytale seas, the result of precise recent research. A solitary and evocative sea, the one that everyone would like to have next to. The sea loved by the people of the hinterland but also by that of the Riviera as it is devoid of the useless and noisy tourist and holiday trappings. It is, one could also say, a sea of ​​the soul and timeless, the result of the work, often nocturnal, of a sensitive creative who finds his profound inspiration in listening to music capable of reviving the most vibrant emotions of situations. portrayed. We are facing the same coin, moved or flat. The waves, whatever their intensity, end up leaving the same flat sand on the shoreline, a perfect slate for those who, like Ciotti, pursue and pursue emotions; he is in fact a creative artist capable of listening to various energies that he develops through various artistic languages, both pictorial and musical. "


Michele Foni, head of the Artists Company, writer and curator of exhibitions,

"The sea seen from the moon"

"The Valtiberino artist exhibits his personal tribute to Mother Nature with a series of landscapes and glimpses executed with rare sensitivity. This is how vibrant works are born, made of natural environments freed from human presence, in which the emotions transmitted by the various moments of the day, but also by the colors and the changing of the seasons, return a dialogue on par with what surrounds us. For a painter, who is also a musician, it is almost natural to transfer harmony and rhythm into his works. Ciotti offers the viewer the opportunity to "hear" the sounds and melodies of creation, far from the din that increasingly envelops our daily lives "


Marco Botti, journalist and exhibition curator, "Mother Natre's Son"

"Visiting the Andrea Ciotti exhibition the attention is pleasantly struck by the rhythmic perspective settings, the variations of the monochromatic mixture, with which he manages to create atmospheres of refined enchantment. The images that arise from a delicate play of luministic transparencies, characterized by a sober pictorial representation. "


Mario Argenti, painter, "MONOCHRONIC"

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