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Flowers 3

Flowers 3

Flowers 3



Year of construction: 2020.

Light source - Ex.: Monochromatic, Two-color Polychromatic
Genere - Es.: Fantasy, Still life, Religious, Landscape Naturalistic
Subject represented - Ex.: Horses, Fruit, Cats Geometrism and shades
Technique used - Ex.: Oil on canvas, Pencil on paper Acrylic on canvas
Style dell'opera - Ex.: Surrealism, Cubism, Abstractionism Abstractionism
Artist data
Artist experience - Ex.: Emerging, Expert Expert

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  • Dimensions: 60misura x 0misura x 90misura


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Antonello Cesari
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Antonello Cesari nasce a Cutrofiano (Le) il 9 giugno 1958 da una delle più antiche famiglie di "cotomari" (artigiani della terracotta o figuli) cutrofianesi, e come ogni figlio di artigiano figulo, impara subito con grande spontaneità l'arte del decoro su piatti, "ursuli" (boccali), e vasellame vario.

Dopo aver conseguito il diploma di Maturità, s'nserisce nel mondo del lavoro senza mai dimenticare o abbandonare la passione per la decorazione. Nel corso degli anni la sua passione per la pittura prende il sopravvento con una ricerca spasmotica del colore, elemento fondamentale delle sue opere lasciando in second'ordine le forme per trovare caparbiamente, l'effetto cromatico.

December 1999 Collective art at the Pro Loco Exhibition in Cutrofiano

August 2000 Figulo handicraft exhibition in Cutrofiano

December 2000 Art collective at the Pro Loco Exhibition in Cutrofiano

June 2001 Art review "Artigianando" in Cutrofiano

August 2001 Figulo handicraft exhibition in Cutrofiano

National Extemporaneous Ceramic Painting Competition

November 2001 Art exhibition in Campi Salentina

December 2001 Collective art exhibition at the Pro Loco Exhibition in Cutrofiano

Handicraft exhibition in Taurisano (Lecce)

February 2002 Art competition "Ars" Lecce Award

May 2002 Exhibition at the E-Book in Lecce

National Painting Competition - The Last Supper Lecce 5th Prize

June 2002 Art review "Artigianando" in Cutrofiano

Art review Il Sedile Gallery in Lecce

July 2002 Collective painting at the "Caffè Trento e Trieste" in Maglie

August 2002 Figulo handicraft exhibition in Cutrofiano

Art review in Sogliano Cavour

Art review in Gallipoli A.M.N.I.

December 2002 1st Exhibition of Painting and Handicraft - Matino (LE)

May 2003 Collective from 1 to 10/5 - Ex convent of the Theatines (LE)

National painting and poetry competition - The cenacle Lecce 2nd Prize

1 June 2003 Galatina in Fiore

From 12 to 15/06 2003 Very good Galatina exhibition center

From 14 to 29/06 2003 Otranto (Torre Matta)

July 2003 Collective Martignano (Marquis Castle)

10th review of Galatina in Fiore contemporary art

Gallipoli (Borgo Institute)

August 2003 Sogliano Cavour Art Review

31st Exhibition of Cutrofiano figulo craftsmanship

October 2003 Salento exhibition in collective art Lecce at the Carlo V castle

National Competition of Hunting Culture of Painting and Photography - Palazzo Filomarini Cutrofiano (Special mention)

December 2003 Christmas at the Corigliano d'Otranto Fair

Collective Art Palazzo D'Elia Cassarano

April 2004 Painting Exhibition Nardò Chiosto di Sant'Antonio

May 2004 19 National Poetry and Painting Competition "Lecce City Trophy" Big section. 2nd prize

May 2004 Galleria d'Arte Moderna Ponte Rosso - Milan (Carlo della Zorza painting prize)

May 2004 19 National Poetry and Painting Competition "Lecce City Trophy" Big section. 2nd prize

August 2004 1st National Painting Competition "Saverio Lillo" Ruffano

August 2004 XXXII Art and Handicraft Exhibition - Cutrofiano

August 2004 Extemporaneous painting on ceramics - Cutrofiano

September 2004 Biennial Competition "Grand Gala of Painting and Sculpture" S.Marzano di San Giuseppe (TA)

June 2005 National prize for painting "the easel" Andrano castle

July 2005 Seventh edition of "discovering local crafts" in the municipality of Presicce

August 2005 33rd exhibition of the handicraft of the common terracotta of Cutrofiano.

May 2006 Painting Exhibition Town Hall - Galatone

August 9th-20th 2007 "Comunicarte" art review Palazzo Comunale Sogliano Cavour

4-25 August 2007 35th Exhibition of Cutrofiano Ceramics

October 19-21, 2007 Lecce local tourism exchange

17 May 2008 National poetry and painting competition "Il Cenacolo" Lecce 6th place prize-giving

19 July 2008 Art in the Air - Ruffano

7-25 August 2008 36 Artisan Ceramics Exhibition -Cutrofiano

August 2010 38th exhibition of ceramic craftsmanship - Cutrofiano

May 2011 Galatina in bloom

7 - 25 August 2011 39th Exhibition of artisan ceramics - Cutrofiano

From 10 to 18 August 2013 Exhibition at Palazzo Bucci - Cutrofiano

May 2014 Galatina in fiore Galluccio palace

Art competition man and the sea Taurisano (LE)

July 2014 Art review "borgo in festa" Copertino (LE)

August 2014 42nd exhibition of artisan ceramics Cutrofiano (LE)

September 2014 Art exhibition Arte in terra Taurisano (LE)

August 2015 43rd exhibition of ceramic craftsmanship - Cutrofiano

July 2015 Art'oui festival of Mediterranean culture Cannole (LE)

August 2016 44th exhibition of ceramic craftsmanship - Cutrofiano

December 2016 Art exhibition Palazzo Marchesale Martano Lecce

December 2016 Art competition Palazzo Marchesale Taviano (LE)

December 2016 Art exhibition Gan fashion gala Palazzo marquisale Matino Lecce

July 2017 Art alleys..Centro Storico Matino (LE)

August 2017 45th Exhibition of Artisan Ceramics in the historic center of Cutrofiano Lecce

August 2017 Art City Palazzo BAronale Collepasso (LE)

August 2018 Exhibition of Artisan Ceramics in the historic center of Cutrofiano Lecce

August 2019 Exhibition of Artisan Ceramics in the historic center of Cutrofiano Lecce

August 2020 Exhibition of Artisan Ceramics in the historic center of Cutrofiano Lecce

August 2021 Exhibition of Artisan Ceramics in the historic center of Cutrofiano Lecce

December 2021 Artisan exhibition Palazzo Marchesale Muro Leccese Lecce

December 2021 Collective exhibition Palazzo Marchesale Matino Lecce

February 2022 Collective "Romantic Venice" Venice Art Gallery Venice

November 2002 Personal Exhibition of the Marchesale Castle in Martignano (LE)

From 12 to 14/06 2003 Personal Cutrofiano (Lecce)

July 2003 Personal historical center in Scorrano

June 2004 Solo exhibition - Cutrofiano

May-August 2009 Personal exhibition Milano Marittima (RA)

2012 Cutrofiano painting exhibition

May 2015 Personal exhibition Galatina in fiore

December 2015 Personal exhibition Muro Leccese (Prince's Palace)

December 2018 Personal exhibition Maglie (Le) (Galleria Capece)

Flowers, lights, colors, sea, that is, painting as a breath.

Thus, at a first fleeting approach, the fundamental elements of Antonello Cesari's painting could be condensed. His art is an exploration of a benign nature, in which polychromy is highlighted and brightness is enhanced, which is as dazzling as it is exhilarating.

From nature, Cesari selects the elements of greatest communication by positivizing each part, looking for, and finding, chromatic poetry in apparently desolating details.

His training as a ceramist allows him to explore the applications of Cutofianese art par excellence, in the painting on canvas, and when he decorates on the materials of the local technical and inventive tradition they explode into creations of polychronic ecstasy.

Dr. Francesco Russo

Outspoken and spontaneous painter.

Of his paintings, the delicacy of the stroke and the harmonious sweet combination of colors is striking.

The secret is in the coherence between his being in life and his appearing with the brush; which, already today a sure tool in his hands, is a sure promise of a better future.

November 2001

Prof. Donato Benegiamo

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