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In anticipation of Christmas, a small thought to the Child born more than 2,000 years ago who astonished looks upon sin; one day he will defeat it by dying nailed to a wooden cross and by rising again he will give meaning to our existence...
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"F - Pier" is part of the project "Guardians of the sea"They stand alone and look into the infinite at the sea ...A silent lighthouse that not even the most violent wave can scratch, a white watchtower, an ancient chapel built with difficulty by the sailors, a gigantic promontory that plunges sheer ..
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Despite the tank-like wheels of this carriage, it's a custom-designed cart, complete with its red rearview mirror, the number 5 printed on the body, and that white and red stripe at the bottom, reminiscent of the Italian style for turbo or racing cars from the "Abarth" brand. Notably, the headlight ..
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 The word 'Follier in Architecture describes an environment, a kind of habitable sculpture. It is usually located in a public square, so that it can be traversed and lived in, as they are created to enrich the space.At the moment I created this piece, I was immersed in De Chirico, and from ther..
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A world of transhumans devoid of morals and spiritual values.Polyptych picture made up of 6 compartments.Technique: oil and acrylic on canvas...
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Numbered work, available in various sizes.Number of runs: 5.Technique: Full-frame digital Canon on certified fineart paper.Year of construction: 2017...
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This work was born in a period of reflection on the exodus of migrants across the Mediterranean.It represents a moment of intense pain of a human being held in a grin; perhaps, in the moment before the "explosion".His face shows blue streams representative of the sea and a tear (made of resin), the ..
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Inspired by Pre-Raphaelite paintings, the work portrays a woman elegantly seated on an armchair, with a melancholy air and a lost gaze.Work created in collaboration with the make-up artist and stylist Giulia Massa.Number of runs: 10.Technique: Digital Photography.Year of construction: 2020...
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Metaphysical Landscape with Tower, Column and Horse.Technique: Oil on canvasYear: 2019Measures: 50x60cm..
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The painting represents an expanse of olive trees surrounded by an Apulian landscape with the "Pajare" for the olive harvest and the characteristic rural paths with local stones and stones. The soft colors represent a moment of suffering for this type of millennial tree.Technique: Acrylic with self-..
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Conceptual meeting between the pumpkin and the sky; the latter obscures the first, which stands majestically as it is in the threatening cloudy mantle.Particularly noteworthy are the clouds, which, although pointed, do not lose their hyper-realistic character and the particular robust branch of the ..
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Technique: oil and swarovski on wood.Year of construction: 2009...
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