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Two stories

Two stories

Two stories

This abstract landscape is inspired by certain breathtaking summer landscapes in the Dolomites. The peaks are defined and endless. And the clouds, soft and full, give me a sense of wonder and harmony.

Technique: acrylic and sand on aluminum Dibond

Year of creation: 2021

Light source - Ex.: Monochromatic, Two-color Polychromatic
Support - Ex.: Frame, Pedestal Frame
Genere - Es.: Fantasy, Still life, Religious, Landscape Landscaped
Subject represented - Ex.: Horses, Fruit, Cats Clouds over the mountains
Technique used - Ex.: Oil on canvas, Pencil on paper Acrylic and sand
Style dell'opera - Ex.: Surrealism, Cubism, Abstractionism Abstractionism
Artist data
Artist experience - Ex.: Emerging, Expert Expert

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Francesca Borgo
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Artista autodidatta, Francesca Borgo (1970) lavora professionalmente da circa cinque anni nel suo studio a Treviso. Crea paesaggi astratti caratterizzati da atmosfere calme ed evocative.

Esprime il suo interesse per l'ambiente e per la ricerca di un dialogo con l’altro nel suo percorso estetico. Ama combinare colore ed elementi tattili, sabbia in primis, a sottolineare il legame profondo tra umanità e terra.

Recentemente un suo dipinto è stato esposto alla Royal Academy of Arts – Summer Exhibition 2022, Londra (Regno Unito).

Ha all’attivo due personali ed ha esibito con solo-stand in 6 fiere internazionali d’arte.

Lavora soprattutto in ambito internazionale su progetti residenziali e di hospitality. Le sue opere suggestive e cariche di emozione si trovano in collezioni private, principalmente negli Stati Uniti, in Europa, Regno Unito e Australia.


Self-taught artist, Francesca Borgo (1970) has been working professionally for about five years in her studio in Treviso. She creates abstract landscapes characterized by calm and evocative atmospheres.

She expresses her interest in the environment and in the search for a dialogue with the other in her aesthetic journey. She loves to combine color and tactile elements, sand above all, to underline the deep bond between humanity and the earth.

A painting by her was exhibited at the Royal Academy of Arts – Summer Exhibition 2022, London (UK).

To date, she has two personal exhibitions and 6 solo-stands in international art fairs.

She works mostly internationally on residential and hospitality projects. Her evocative and emotional works are found in private collections, mainly in the United States, Europe, the United Kingdom and Australia.

Art fairs

2023 - The Other Art Fair - Brooklyn Navy Yard, Agger Fish, Brooklyn, New York, USA.

2022 - The Other Art Fair - The Old Truman Brewery, London, UK.

2020 - Start Art Fair - Saatchi Gallery, London (UK).

2019 – EuropArtFair – Westergas - Amsterdam (NL).

2019 - The Other Art Fair - Victoria House - London, UK.

2019 - The Other Art Fair - West Handyside Canopy - London, UK.

2019 - The Other Art Fair - The Old Truman Brewery, London, UK.

Group exhibitions

2023 - BerScia. Palazzo Bargnani Dandolo - Adro (Brescia), Italy.

2022 - The Beauty of the Fall – Eclectic gallery - London, UK.

2022 - Royal Academy Of Arts - Summer Exhibition 2022 - London, UK.

2022 - The Light Beyond - Eclectic Gallery – London, UK.

2022 – Epiphany - The Factory art gallery - London, UK.

2021 - Abstract or Informal? - ARTtime Gallery - Udine, Italy.

2019-2020 - Arte in studio - Milan, Italy.

2019 - I Dauni - Palazzo Bellusci - Vieste (Foggia), Italy.

2019 - Animus et Anima - Complesso S. Severo al Pendino - Naples, Italy.

2018 - Stanze. Labirinti d'arte e poesia - Antica Saliera - Lecce, Italy.

2018 - On Tour Venice - Galleria Art Studio Larkina - Venice, Italy.

2018 – Experiments - Galleria Merlino - Florence, Italy.

2018 - Anatomia della bellezza - Casa Cava - Matera, Italy.

2018 - I Biennale della Brianza - Monastero del Lavello, Lecco, Italy.

2018 - La camera delle meraviglie - Galleria D'Arte Mentana - Florence, Italy.

Solo exhibitions

2023 - Light atmospheres - Solis Art Gallery - Brescia, Italy.

2019 – Borders - Studiofficina Architettura - Schio (Vicenza), Italy.

Critic text by Simone Fappanni, 2023