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Zodiac signs

Zodiac signs

Zodiac signs

The zoodiac, taken from a drawing by my brother Auro and executed in painting by me.

Copy - Es.: Author's False, Custom works Personalized work
Light source - Ex.: Monochromatic, Two-color Multicolor
Genere - Es.: Fantasy, Still life, Religious, Landscape Fantasy
Technique used - Ex.: Oil on canvas, Pencil on paper Oil on canvas
Style dell'opera - Ex.: Surrealism, Cubism, Abstractionism Surrealism
Artist data
Artist experience - Ex.: Emerging, Expert Expert

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Irio Dal Bo'
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Dal Bo'Irio nasce a Torino il 16 aprile 1964.Pittore poliedrico,sviluppa le sue capacita'artistiche sin dall'infanzia ed è lì che nella solitudine cercava i volti dei genitori riproducendoli su album da disegno o con pongo. Nonostante i studi accademici il suo spirito ribelle ha sempre cercato strade alternative dai canoni classici. Lavora come grafico pubblicitario, ma la routine gli va stretta e decide di lavorare in proprio. Il suo è uno stile surrealista che tende a penetrare nell'anima delle cose più che a valorizzare la loro fredda struttura., elemento che convoglia anche nel ritratto che nel corso degli anni, non ha mai abbandonato. E'stato protagonista di diverse esposizioni per lo più svoltesi fuori dal l'Italia, ma nonostante i discreti successi e' sempre stato refrattario alle logiche che la società impone, tanto da ritirarsi nel suo guscio e dipingere senza influenze esterne.

Dal Bo'Irio was born in Turin on April 16, 1964. A multi-faceted painter, he developed his artistic skills from childhood and that's where he sought out the faces of his parents in solitude, reproducing them on sketchbooks or with pongo. Despite his academic studies, his rebellious spirit has always sought alternative ways to classical canons. He worked as a graphic designer, but the routine was tight and he decided to work on his own. His surrealist style tends to

penetrate into the soul of things rather than enhancing their cold structure, an element that also conveys in his portraits that he never abandoned over the years. He has been the protagonist of several exhibitions mostly held outside Italy, but despite the good successes he has always been refractory to the logic that society imposes, so much so that he retires in his shell and paint without external influences.

The artist performs works on commission, such as portraits, copyright fakes and personalized works.

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