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Empty melancholies

Empty melancholies

Empty melancholies

Faces almost inexpressive, dull, as if lost in the void of thought and senses, perhaps even of feelings. They are moments, sometimes long, that I glimpse in beauty par excellence, which is the feminine one.

Technique: acrylic on canvas.

Year of construction: 2021.

Light source - Ex.: Monochromatic, Two-color Polychromatic
Genere - Es.: Fantasy, Still life, Religious, Landscape Figurative
Subject represented - Ex.: Horses, Fruit, Cats Women
Technique used - Ex.: Oil on canvas, Pencil on paper Acrylic on canvas
Style dell'opera - Ex.: Surrealism, Cubism, Abstractionism Pop art
Artist data
Artist experience - Ex.: Emerging, Expert Expert

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  • Dimensions: 100misura x 0misura x 70misura


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Marino Salvatore Petracca
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Marino Salvatore Petracca nasce a Scorrano di Lecce, con residenza a San Cassiano nel Salento, dove vive ed opera nel suo studio privato. Sin da piccolo dimostra un particolare interesse per l'arte. I suoi dipinti sono dissodati da tendenze Accademizzanti. Nel corso degli anni ha partecipato a numerose mostre collettive, personali, in Italia e all'estero, vincendo numerosi premi e riconoscimenti, alcune sue opere sono pubblicate su importanti volumi di arte, tra questi Boé, avanguardie Artistiche e Grandi maestri. Un legame fortissimo, quello di Marino Salvatore Petracca con l'arte, che ha superato numerose e serie difficoltà. La sua pittura incarna il suo passato, assorbe la sua memoria. Ė introspezione. Il linguaggio pittorico di Marino salvatore Petracca è frutto di un lavoro di ricerca interiore che si spinge fin dentro il proprio animo, dove si incontrano ansie, risentimenti, vissuti tormentati; si palesa una voglia di oggettivare e condividere i ricordi, in modo da conferire loro valore e significato. La sua vita è la fonte principale della sua esperienza immaginativa e attraverso la pittura, Marino Salvatore Petracca, svolge un'azione di approfondimento e di chiarimento di quelle che sono le sue esperienze più significative. La pittura di Marino Salvatore Petracca è una raffinata poesia visiva che nasce da dentro il proprio animo.


Marino Salvatore Petracca was born in Scorrano di Lecce, with residence in San Cassiano in Salento, where he lives and works in his private studio. From an early age he showed a particular interest in art. His paintings of him are unearthed by Academic tendencies. Over the years he has participated in numerous group and personal exhibitions in Italy and abroad, winning numerous prizes and awards, some of his works are published in important volumes of art, including Boé, Artistic avant-gardes and Great masters. A very strong bond, that of Marino Salvatore Petracca with art, which has overcome numerous and serious difficulties. His painting embodies his past, absorbs his memory. Ė introspection. The pictorial language of Marino salvatore Petracca is the result of an interior research work that reaches into one's soul, where anxieties, resentments and tormented experiences meet; he shows a desire to objectify and share memories, in order to give them value and meaning. His life is the main source of his imaginative experience and through painting, Marino Salvatore Petracca carries out an action of deepening and clarifying what are his most significant experiences. Marino Salvatore Petracca's painting is a refined visual poetry that comes from within one's soul.

A gifted artist who looks to the recent past is Marino Salvatore Petracca. Returning to the stylistic features of the last decades of the last century, he completes his expressive research by entrusting the human face with the task of describing aspects and feelings of circumstantial reality.

Dino Marasà

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